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Rex Langley, Interim Principal

Interim Principal Rex Langley - Monroe Demonstration Academy

My academic career with Tulsa Public Schools began at East Central High School in 2009 where I spent five years as an English teacher and Speech & Debate coach. I also served East Central High School as the English Department chair and as an Assistant Principal.

After serving for eight years at East Central High School I was offered the role of Interim Principal at Monroe Demonstration Academy. I am currently in my first year in that role and have grown to love the students and the community that Monroe serves. I am incredibly proud of the highly effective team that makes up Monroe. From the educators to the support staff, we have a strong family dynamic that really drives the tone of the school.

I attended Northeastern State University in Tahlequah where I received a master's degree in communication and a bachelor's degree in journalism/mass communications. I discovered my passion for education while working as a graduate assistant at Northeastern State University. While teaching freshman level courses, I learned that being part of a classroom setting was one of the most impactful roles I could have.

Education has become my passion; there is no better feeling in the world than to help ignite the spark in young minds that will drive their interests for years to come.

Rob Kaiser, Assistant Principal

Assistant Principal Rob Kaiser - Monroe Demonstration Academy

My academic career started with Tulsa Public Schools in 2013. I began my career at Cooper Elementary School where I was a 4th grade classroom teacher for two years. I then stepped into the role of Physical Education teacher for two years where, in 2015, I was named Tulsa Public Schools District Teacher of the Year.

After having the privilege of serving the Cooper community for 4 years, I started my administration career at Monroe Demonstration Academy.  I have been the assistant principal at Monroe Demonstration Academy since 2017, and I am thankful and fortunate to get to serve this community every day. 

I came to Tulsa with Teach for America in 2013 after graduating from the University of Lynchburg with a degree in Physical Education. While at the University of Lynchburg I played 4 years of basketball under coach Hillary Scott. Since coming to Tulsa, I have been blessed to be awarded the Certificate of Meritorious Achievement from the House of Representatives for the creation and work with Cooper Elementary School's first-ever basketball team, along with being named Oklahoma City Thunder's Teacher of the Game in 2016.

I received my master's degree in Public Administration from the University of Oklahoma and I am currently pursuing my Ed.D in Curriculum and Supervision at the University of Oklahoma.

I always feel so honored and thankful to serve the students of Monroe Demonstration Academy and continue to look forward to all the great accomplishments our students will have.

Dana Macon, Assistant Principal

Photo of Dana Macon with her niece and nephew

I am a twenty four year veteran teacher from Tulsa, Oklahoma. I live by the motto Lead by Example. I consider my best qualities to be thoughtfulness and patience. I am also a thriving, determined, and enthusiastic individual, extremely competitive yet pleasantly calm. I encourage fighting for what you believe in and that is why I choose to fight for Monroe’s continue success.

I received an associate of Applied Science degree from Northeastern Oklahoma A&M College, a BA from Oklahoma State University, and a master's degree from Northeastern State University. 

Through my passion for teaching, I have embraced learning multiple teaching methods so that I can address the needs of all students.  I have been named Teacher of the Year at Gilcrease Middle School and Technology Teacher of the Year through my professional organizations in the past years but no title is more rewarding than when my former student label me as the teacher that made the biggest impression on them.

As a former student of Monroe and cultural activist for my school and community, I am committed to helping parents, students, and teachers embrace and appreciate Monroe Demonstration Academy.  It is my goal to meet students where they are and help them to grow and become productive citizen of society.

A teacher that I admire most is Mrs. Ava Fisher. She was my geometry teacher, she made me feel like I was the smartest student in her class.  She is the example I look to when I’m teaching students. If I can help every child to see the power within them, then they too will believe that there nothing they can’t do and go out here is this great big world we have and become a productive citizen.

A six-year forecast of my life includes me having completed my career as Monroe’s assistant principal who had an impact on my school and community by building the most prestigious middle school in Tulsa.  

Rex Langley
Interim Principal

Rob Kaiser
Assistant Principal

Dana Macon
Assistant Principal

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