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Staff and Community Members Celebrate the Reopening of Monroe Demonstration Academy

Monroe is ready to go! Community members, school leaders, staff, and the North Tulsa Community Education Task Force celebrated the opening of the new school with a ribbon cutting ceremony the day before the start of school.

In front of the school doors, Principal Rex Langley, Superintendent Deborah Gist, Board Member Jennettie Marshall, and Task Force Chair Reverend M.C. Potter said a few words to reflect on the journey to get to this point and look ahead to the one that is only just beginning.

“This indeed is a momentous occasion for it marks the culmination of a historic, collaborative effort between Tulsa Public Schools and the community we serve here in north Tulsa,” said Jennettie Marshall.

The twenty-two task force members have worked for several months to make a recommendation for how to best serve students in north Tulsa. As a result, Monroe Demonstration Academy was expanded and redesigned to be the middle school for all students in the McLain Feeder Pattern.

“I cannot stop celebrating this task force,” said Reverend Potter. “I have worked on many task forces, many committees, but never have I worked with a group of more dedicated, talented, gifted, sincere, putting the shoulder to the plow as I have with this committee.”

Over the summer, the Monroe team and the community have worked tirelessly to prepare the school for the 2019-2020 year.

“Everyone from all over Tulsa poured in their support to make this the best possible middle school in Tulsa, Oklahoma,” said Principal Langley. “I’m just so excited and inspired by what can happen when everyone comes together for a common goal.”

The school has seventy-four teachers excited and ready to meet their students on the first day of school. Fifty-seven of them were hired to fill new positions that opened with the expansion.

“Members who have been part of this team for a long time and new members of the team, each of you make up such a fabulous group of people who are really the heart and soul of this beautiful, beautiful place,” said Dr. Gist.

Principal Langley said the leadership team has been focused on bringing in the right people to teach their students. Kimberly Guthrie Harrel will be the new 7th grade math teacher. She is excited to join the team.

“When I interviewed for the job here, the staff that I interviewed with, they were so energetic and charismatic you just wanted to be here. As soon as you walk in, you are like I want to be part of this,” said Kimberly.

The Monroe staff’s enthusiasm is infectious. They cannot wait to welcome their students back to school on August 21.

“Excited to see students, excited to see new faces come onboard, learn the Monroe Way, participate in all the great things that we are anticipating for them,” said Assistant Principal Dana Macon.

Community members are also looking forward to greeting students on the first day and continuing that support throughout the year.

“Truly believe me when I say: this is a blessing,” said Reverend Potter. “I know it’s going to take a moment for all of the vision to come to reality, but I truly believe it will happen.”