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Monroe Demonstration Academy
Updated July 2023


  • Gray polos (sixth grade)
  • Black polos (seventh grade)
  • Gold polos (eighth grade)
  • Monroe spirit shirts may be worn on Fridays
  • Monroe/crewneck sweatshirt may be worn over uniform shirt


  • Khaki or black pants, shorts, and skirts
  • Solid black, white, or grey leggings may be worn underneath shorts, dresses, and skirts


  • Closed-toe shoes must be worn


  • Open-toed shoes or shoes without a back (house slippers, flip flops, slides, etc.)
  • Jeans or pants with rips/holes
  • Tights or leggings as outerwear (including spandex, bike shorts, etc.)
  • Hats/head coverings (scarves, bonnets, bandanas, sweatbands, etc.) or hooded garments within school buildings
    • Religious head coverings are permitted